Relaxing on Thayer Lake

Yesterday afternoon Enzo sensed that somebody was outside, so he ran to the bedroom window to investigate.  His barks turned to a happy cry, telling me that he recognized who was outside.  I opened the garage door to find Dave and Matt, along with Enzo’s ‘cousins’ Jo Jo and Reggie.  Jo Jo found the muddy shoreline to be too much of a temptation, stepping into 6 inches of rotting leaves and mud several times, as any good up-north dog should do.

After a few minutes we decided to head out onto the lake.  While I gathered some items from the house, Dave and Matt went for a quick spin on the little paddle boat.  As with the pontoon boat, Dave found this paddle boat on Craigslist and sent me an email with the details, knowing I was interested in one.  It’s a fun way to get some exercise and enjoy the water.  For this ride I grabbed the aluminum swim ladder, which had yet to be tested.

After a few minutes I cut the engine so we could drift for a quick swim.  The ladder was hung from the bow, and I stepped into the water.  It held my weight easily.  Dave simply jumped into the lake for instant gratification.  When I ordered the ladder, I wasn’t sure whether I should buy the 3-step or 4-step version.  I ordered the longer 4-step model, but later realized that it was too long to be used if the boat was beached.  However, the 4-step ladder is easier to step onto while swimming since it reaches deeper into the water.  Since I’ll use it primarily for swimming, I think I made the right choice.

It was nice to see Dave and Matt and share a boat ride.

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