1987 Manitou Pontoon Boat Rebuild – Update

The prep work continues for the pontoon boat rebuild project.  The last of the back-ordered parts arrived this past week, so the furniture is complete.  The furniture is staged in the loft, so it’s crowded up there.  Since the furniture looks fine and I won’t have to return anything, I’ll move it all to one side and get rid of the mountain of boxes I’ve accumulated.  I also received the halogen docking lights and the epoxy wood sealer for the deck.  All I need to order is the throttle and shift mechanism and the correct pair of cables.  I hope to get that done today, but I have some research to do on the existing linkages to ensure I get compatible parts.

The new seats have storage underneath for life vests, ropes, and other equipment.  The center “flip-flop” seat can face forward of backward, and has storage beneath as well.  With the recent temperature drop and snow fall, I haven’t started the tear-down of the old decking.  It looks like April 18-19 will be my next chance to tear-down the deck.

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