Motorcycling in Tennessee

I was anticipating some good motorcycle riding this week, so we hauled the Triumph on the trailer to Tennessee.  After we moved Nicki and her belongings into the new house, I explored the back roads around New Tazewell.  Nicki’s street winds around the mountains and the enormous Norris Lake, which has 809 miles of shoreline extending into 5 different counties.

I managed to squeeze in 300 miles of riding this week, pausing in a few places to take pictures.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stop at some of the most scenic spots, since there was no shoulder on the road.  During the week, I encountered 5 different dogs chasing my bike, one of which ran into the center of the road toward me, but the bike and my legs survived bite-free.

I hope to bring the Triumph back in September when we return for the White Coat ceremony.

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  1. That is really some beautiful scenery Kevin. I like the main picture the best. It must have been nice riding through the country side on the bike. I probably would have been doing 10mph. and stopping every 100 yards and be taking picture.

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