04-15-2000 GM - Portland

Access Server w-Ears 1 Access Server w-Ears 2 Access Server w-Ears 3 Access Server w-Ears 4
Billboard Buick - Beach Billboard Buick - Kid Driver Billboard Cadillac - Dining Billboard Cadillac - Exiting
Billboard Chevy - Like a Rock Billboard Chevy - Working Billboard GMC - Cycling Billboard GMC - Rocks & River
Billboard Main Entrance Billboard Oldsmobile Billboard Pontiac - Beach Billboard Pontiac - Mountain Bridge
Building Entrance Building Front 1 Building Front with Flowers Building Front with Trees
DBC Agents Ready for Calls DBC Day 1 Debriefing DBC First Call Underway DBC First Call
DBC First Day Agents DBC Macon Explains Network Routes DBC Macon Prepares Explanation DBC Many Cards Up
DBC Red Card Up DBC SME Boyer DBC SME DeAngelo DBC Team Bulletins
Training Vehicle